Richard Zane Ross

Richard discovered the appeal of using his hands to shape an object into a poetic and emotional representation many years ago. However, drawing and painting came first in the second grade, when his teacher displayed his exemplary painting of a Fire Chief’s car in the front of the class. Lead eventually to years of drawing and then to designing homes, in his teen years, and the words of encouragement to become an architect were in the air. Though he liked thinking of himself as the next Frank Lloyd Wright, the artistic bent took a sharp curve into the performing arts. Singing and acting took over his junior and high school years.

Artistic desires seemed to have disappeared [not completely] and the world of business became the goal. Designing fashion for his own manufacturing company was now the creative outlet, but after four years, the corporate environment was not for him. An impulse directed him to a sculpture class at the New School in New York, and he found that he had some talent for it, but the bug didn’t quite bite hard enough until many years later.

Despising the corporate world, he opted to sell out and take to the open road. Accidentally he was exposed to theater again at the University of Texas (of all places), and enrolled as a theatre major. In the course of pursuing a performing arts education by transferring to Loretto Heights College in Colorado, he chose to add a sculpture course to his curriculum.
His first piece, a singing mouth, in bronze, he gave to his voice teacher, and then discovered stone carving, which he much preferred, and still does. His second piece, made from

Colorado Rose Sandstone (pictured above) was selected to be the cover for the college brochure. Graduated and back to New York, but still focused on theater, sculpting once again took a back seat for a number of years, until he met a local painter in Tarrytown. Inspired once again he converted part of his deck into a make shift studio until the limitations of weather persuaded him that a real studio was needed.

Richard still performs in the city and Westchester, but sculpture is now the main pursuit.

Education and Exhibits

1970: The New School, New York City. Sculpture of the human body. Clay, bronze
1979: Loretto Art Exhibit ~ Loretto Heights College, Denver, CO.
Sculpting, in clay, bronze, stone. Work featured as the cover of school brochure.
2013: RiverArts Council ~ River Arts Studio Tour. First New York exhibit.
2014: RiverArts Council ~ River Arts Studio Tour.
2015: RiverArts Council ~ River Arts Studio Tour.
2015: Marion Royal Gallery, Beacon, New York
2016: Gallery 66, Cold Spring, New York
2016: RiverArts Council ~ RiverArts Studio Tour
2016: Harris Ateliere & Gallery, Dobbs Ferry, New York
2016: Salmagundi Non-Member Juried Show, 47 5th Avenue, Manhattan
2016: Rosenthal Gallery, East 55 East 54th Street, Manhattan

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