Richard Getler

Long time Tarrytown resident Richard Getler is passionate about the art and profession of the captured image. His photos have appeared in The New York Times, The Hollywood Reporter, Westchester Magazine and many other publications, and he has exhibited widely.

His love of photography started when he studied with Minor White who taught the connection of the spiritual and emotional in imagery, and a keen eye for pure form.

Richard’s photography is inspired first by the mystery and wonder of our existence, at the surprise of finding oneself in a body on a planet. How remarkable is that? And second, by the gamut of emotions in humankind with a view into the passionate, romantic, sad and elated feelings being expressed all around us. His best photos tell the rich story of a moment in time.

His fine art photography focuses on humans in their natural habitat and on the outbursts of nature. His professional work includes wedding, event, performance, and sport photography.

Richard is co-president of the Color Camera Club of Westchester (, a board member of the Westchester Professional Photographers Association ( and a member of the Red Circle PhotoArts Collective (

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