Rebecca Ashley

When I look through the lens and see the world, I strive to make work that leaves the viewer looking at something familiar but from a new angle, light, or perspective. Every commission, every street corner, every event present new possibilities. On the RiverArts Studio Tour, I will be featuring two series:

Corps de Clone—Action figures set in historical dance poses become lifelike in this series of images. The faceless figures evoke both the strength of troops in formation and the strength—and rapture—of dancers in performance. These images have a sense of elegance as well as whimsy.

Bromoils—Bromoil is an alternative photographic process where the artist applies the ink by hand creating an evocative, impressionistic one-of-a-kind work of art. Every bromoil is unique. No two versions of the same image will ever be the same. The applying of the ink by hand, and the fact that the oil in the ink is highly sensitive to the temperature and texture of the chemicals being used, ensures that each bromoil is a singular representation of the artist’s vision. I use this method to create both surreal montages as well as more traditional images of nature.

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