Raine Gifford

I am delighted and honored to have joined the Studio 233 Collective, and to be participating in the 2017 RiverArts Studio Tour.

I have returned to painting (B.S. Studio Art, Skidmore) following a career in social work (M.S.W., NYU), psychotherapy and psychoanalysis (Certificate, PPSC). In all of my work, and in life, I find myself attending to the balance between the spoken and unspoken, the known vs the unknown, and the relationship between our inner and outer worlds.

Current work involves exploration of medium (mostly watercolor and paper), intuitive process, and a sort of visual translation/manifestation of mood/emotion.

Other art-related interests include all sorts of collaboration, permanence vs impermanence, use of recycled and found materials, pushing the limits of decorative and functional arts, and the experience of making stuff. I am fascinated daily by the abstraction and beauty to be found in nature.

Website: http://collectiveartspace.com

145 Palisade St, Studio 233

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