Monica Shulman

Mixed media painting on canvas.

My name is Monica Shulman and I’m a photographer and mixed media artist. Guided by intuition, I welcome and embrace “happy accidents” and approach each piece, whether a photograph or original abstract art, as an experiment. I believe in the power of art to transform a space, to create a moment, and most importantly, to evoke emotion, beauty and authenticity.

Influenced by my artistic family, I fell in love with art, color and design at an early age. I spent much of my childhood in Argentina where my grandparents gave me every material to play with from acrylic paint to papier maché to wood. Painting was my first love and later, as a classically trained artist, I loved the smell of linseed oil on my hands and charcoal under my fingernails so it was no surprise when my parents gave me my first camera, that my favorite part of taking photos was making them in the darkroom. Photography, and capturing real and seemingly inconsequential moments became my passion. I loved to watch the light, find new colors, imagine a scene or a moment in black and white, and to seek out details in the world around me.

What began as a lifelong hobby and passion evolved into a career when I decided to leave my job as a lawyer to work as a professional fine art photographer with a focus on portraiture and street and travel photography. As a painter, my abstract work is inspired by my photos and is an exploration of shape, shadow and light. I love to create texture and to layer bold colors using a mixture of different mediums. My paintings are energetic and playful and they reflect my interest in flawed beauty rather than perfection. I also bring my artistic vision to my work shooting commissioned portraits with families in New York City, the Hamptons


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