Marisa Silverstein

Folded paper and mosaic are, at first glance, quite distinct media. Yet they both play with pattern and repetition, geometry and rhythm. Pieces come together to create a puzzle, often unexpectedly. Light and shadow interact to create a deeper, more complex image. My work in paper and mosaic is mathematical and meditative, feeding needs that I have as a mother of three, as I attempt to nurture myself and others around me.

I spent years leading after school programs in the arts for Chicago teenagers, contracting with accomplished artists to lead vibrant, engaging programs. Now it is my turn to be the artist. As I evolve as an artist, I am grateful to live in the beautiful Hudson Valley with my family.

Marisa Gonzales Silverstein received her BA in Art History from Yale and her MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

145 Palisade St., Studio 233

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