Kristin Javier

I have always been drawn to the ancient art of mosaic, perhaps because I find great beauty in brokenness. The light refracted through tiny shards of glass and those fragments painstakingly surrendered one by one, can together evoke a certain harmony and wholeness. Even though I begin with a vision that is uniquely mine, I strive to create something that is timeless and somehow familiar to the viewer.

My inspiration comes from the brilliant color, natural light, and breathtaking artistry of the world around us. The raw materials of a mosaic can be organic (marble, gold,) or man-made (Venetian glass, pottery fragments), although these too can be broken down into sand and minerals forged together by fire in the artisan’s furnace. I am especially inspired by the mosaics of Antoni Gaudi, Bruno Zenobio, and my teachers Luciana Notturni and Matteo Randi.


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