Jerzy Kubina

The Communist era during which I grew up squeezed an imprint on me, a method of perceiving and living in the surrounding world, which in turn defined a method of creating. Getting involved in the New York art scene in 1988 “opened a window” in my soul. My first solo show in New York was at OK HARRIS, owned by Ivan Karp who promoted Andy Warhol. My New York connections led to yearly solo shows at the Prisunic Gallery in Paris, a Gallery known for its controversial and provocative character, both recognized as bohemian New York in the 80’s and Paris in the 90’s.

My work embodies the echoes of my past. The process of creating a painting is an essential element of my work, a process that supplies me with strong impressions while simultaneously stimulating inspiration.
Often and obsessively I turn to the past in search of the colors of my recollections while giving them specific forms. I try to individualize each painting so it has its own distinctness of remembered expression and atmosphere. This is inherent in the creation of the surface on which I’m working so it is also distinct, tearing me away from standard thinking thereby provoking new solutions.
My inspiration comes from many levels: memories, experiences and reflection. I thrive on experimentation with different media. Currently I’m using natural materials that fit in with today’s trend of sustainability. My search for new resources of creativity uses natural chemical and physical processes, e.g. corrosion or painting. This results in using polar opposites, creating corrosion or patina on delicate silk and linen. In this case, corrosion and patina in their essence are the carriers of time, the fabric of mechanical human accomplishment, arisen in the process of intellect and civilized development. The meeting of the elements represents the symbiotic relationship between them and the “here and now”, giving my work the “patina of flowing time”
In my belief, art is the source of clean energy and truth, obsessively mirrored in the ritual of creation.
Genuine creative process is fundamental in my exploration. My artistic work is an attempt to express my reflections on spiritual and existential values.

2016 Square Peg Gallery, Hasting on Hudson, NY
2015 Roshkowska Gallery, Hudson, NY
2014 Olko Gallery, Sag Harbor, NY
2013 Kurier Plus Gallery, New York
2012 International Art Exibition, Czestochowa, Poland
2012 BWA Zamosc, Poland
2012 CPS Gallery, New York
2010 Museum Convento de Carmen , Guadalajara, Mexico
2006 Real Art Ways Gallery, Hartford, CT
2005 80 Washington Square East Galleries, New York
2004 Leonard Codex Tower Gallery, Houston, TX
2003 Fish Tank Gallery, New York
2003 Modern Art Gallery, Las Vegas
2003 Chelsea Museum, New York
2002 Puffin Foundation Gallery, Teaneck, NJ
1997 O.K. Harris Works of Art, New York
1993 “Grand at Juenes d’Aujouhui”, Paris, France
1992 Miami University Art Museum, Miami, FL

1992 Polish Museum of American Art, Chicago, IL
1992 LouisXIV Gallery, Paris, France
1992 Anderson Gallery, Buffalo, NY
1991 Prisunic Gallery, New York
1991 Zacheta Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
1991 Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, NJ
1989 PEMEX Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico
1987 BWA, Cracow, Poland
1985 BWA, Gdansk, Poland

2016 Enterprise, NY
1997 Review, New York
1993 Art Forum, New York
1993 ELLE, Japan
1991 VOGUE, Paris, France
1991 Art Forum International, NYC 1991- Art News, The Expressive Struggle, NYC
1990 Polish News, NYC
1981/86 Academy of fine Arts, Cracow, Poland
Department of Painting under individual instructions of prof. Jan Szancenbach
Graduated with “Magna Cum Laude”



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