Diane Brawarsky

I am interested in exploring and creating connections between objects and images. My compositions focus on actual and imagined links between place, past and present. Using traditional and innovative techniques in my work, I juxtapose paint and wax on wood surfaces with found remnants. These artifacts of personal histories are essential to my artistic process, and come together in often unexpected ways.

In my paintings, I mix a wax media with oil paint. The wax gives the paint a more fluid quality and also thickens the medium, and when applied to wood panels, I can easily modify and manipulate its texture. I use this wax-oil medium to depict the female figures that are central to my work. These women allow me to express my thoughts and perceptions, and I rely on them to embody memories both real and imagined.

My process of creating each figure requires chance encounters as well as aesthetic deliberation. Objects sometimes offer me the means to complete a painting that feels unfinished. In such cases, my collection of materials serves as a visual inventory of possibilities that enables me to continue my work. I delight in using things that someone else had found useless or without value.

The act of applying paint and color—this physical crafting of an image—is a core part of my work. I find inspiration in the process itself. The surprising associations in my work are my way of creating a richer work with multiple layers of meaning.


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