Constanza Mallol

Constanza has lived in Chile, México and the United States.  The folklore, nature, culture and weather of each of these countries that were her beloved homes, have cause a great impact on the artist sensibilities toward her Art. Her painting is direct, immediate  and speak directly to emotion, with no intellectual or rational interference. Trained formally in the academic tradition, this aspect of her technique seems subservient to her quest for exhilarating pure color as manifestation of life. She acknowledges  light  as the path to meaningful and true color in nature. Using bold yet apparently simple compositions, her pieces are rich and exuberant. They create an atmosphere of their own and a balanced harmony that even with intense color, seem peaceful.Constanza’s subjects for painting include: still life, portrait, figure, landscape, plain air, florals etc. She works primarily in oil on canvas but also uses watercolor and pastels. She lives with her family in Hastings on Hudson and works at her studio by the Hudson River.

145 Palisade St, Studio 313

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