Anne-Marie McIntyre

My ceramics are part of an ongoing attempt to bring a drawn line into the physical world. The unusual techniques have been developed over years of studio practice. These include an extensive repertoire of hand mixed glazes and combined elements in multiple firings.
The bases of these pieces are made by traditional slip casting in a plaster mold; the pieces are hollow and very light and can be hung on the wall. I then draw with liquid slip in a squeeze bottle to make thin but dimensional lines out of clay. These lines are fired separately making wafer thin ceramic elements that I can layer together and glaze in a final step.
The flow dynamics of the liquid clay have helped me refine and simplify the biomorphic forms I have been using for years. Flow dynamics create a situation where forms morph into each other. Onions become ribs, which then become ears. Plant forms become paisleys, which in turn become human fingers. Each piece is it’s own small body, a dish of mixing lines- some flat, some dimensional. This work is done in conjunction with drawing on paper, hand building with clay, and the creation of many things that fail to take permanent form.


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