Ana Silbert

I am moved to make art in order to share some of the beauty I see around me. Beauty, not just in the traditionally beautiful such as sunsets and mountains, but beauty found in random compositions which the human eye imposes — juxtapositions of colors, shapes and lines. To me great paintings are akin to jazz in music as they push the real to extremes to create excitement without losing the coherence of the recognizable.

I have always played at making art but have been able to devote more time to it since retiring from my primary career as a psychologist. I enjoy experimenting with various media and techniques, and find the process engaging and satisfying like nothing else. I am rewarded when I get a kick out of what I create, and when others respond to it as well.

My studio is in the basement of my home in Hastings. Recently I have also enjoyed art expeditions to Tuscany and the Greek islands. This past summer I was honored to be the Artist-In-Residence at the Cotuit Center for the Arts on Cape Cod.

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